I know it’s been a few months since I last posted, but things have been crazy.  After we killed Heroic Blackhand and moved onto Mythic, it seemed like people started losing interest in the game.  Our pal Pally Fizwizjiz did a pretty good job in summarizing what happened (if you care to read).

Fizzy's Story Time

Many players quit the game, while a few moved on by joining other guilds.  I had hopes that players will come back for the 6.2 patch, but they didn’t.  So back into the retirement we go.  Who knows, we might be Brett Favre and come back out of retirement again in another expansion.  Stay toon.


I’m just ridiculously bad at updating our website (which is still a work in progress, but better than nothing).

So we’ve moved into Heroic Blackrock Foundry. Killed some stuff. We’ve hopped trains, made Poptarts, and murdered some bitches on a boat. Making quite a bit of progress on the guy in the hot room too.


As the world turns and peoples’ schedules change, we continue to recruit and look for excellent players!


druid (balance) high
hunter low
paladin (holy) high
priest (healer) medium
priest (dd) high
shaman (elemental) low
shaman (enhancement) medium

Heroic Imperator

Sooo I may have forgotten to taken a screenshot or two – BIG DEAL. OK, for real I promise to get better at remembering. Heroic Imperator has been murdered twice. And we also killed a silly Mythic boss a couple times but we also don’t have a screenshot for that. I suck.

We are still recruiting! Please see our recruitment needs. We do have an alt raid on Sundays at 6 PST which will soon be doing heroics. Friends are welcome but MUST be geared appropriately. We are not looking to carry.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Apply Now!

We are now recruiting for Mythic Highmaul raids! Please take a look at our WoWProgress page to learn a bit about our guild and our current recruitment needs.

druid (balance) medium
druid (feral-dd) medium
monk (dd) medium
paladin (retribution) high
priest (dd) high
shaman (elemental) low
shaman (enhancement) medium

Please APPLY NOW if you are interested in joining us for Warlords.


Week 1 for Bad’s Return went much better than any of us expected. We got a good look at what we need to kill Heroics and eventually Mythic content. Hopefully some of you (myself included) were able to get a feel for what needs to change with your spec, gear, rotation, playstyle, etc. to ease back into the game and raiding environment. Sadly, we will have to cut players during Week 2 who aren’t quite pulling their weight.

That being said, we are fixing up our application page and will soon have it up on the website. For now, we are definitely interested in picking up some excellent players of the following classes:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest

Well, hey! We weren’t even sure how many people would show up or if our composition would work for any boss, but we ended up killing Mr. Bladefist on heroic because I’m the worst at setting raid difficulty.

That’s OK though, we’ll take it. We’re not exactly Mythic ready considering SOME OF OUR MEMBERS UPGRADED GREENS TONIGHT, but we ended up killing two-more-almost-three-more bosses, woohoo!

Fun raid. More to follow.


Hello nerds!

So we took a bit of an extended break – basically the entire Mists of Pandaria expansion we were dormant. We’re pretty pumped to log back in and raid, though. We’ve had a surprising amount of old school players emerge from their WoW retirement homes! Not Commander Oldwyn though… that guy was still going strong when we came back. We no longer have our old website so I’m doing what I can to get this up and running so that we have a home on the interwebs. We’ll soon have a Roster page as well as Recruitment needs, so please check back soon.


See ya soon, Highmaul!